Dec 13 2012


Newborn cheat sheet for brand new dads!

Some helpful tips I thought i would share.

Oct 22 2012

Oct 22 2012

Sep 05 2012


Fenugreen: simple, important, great story

Aug 01 2012


"Does environmentally responsible spending make a difference, or just make people feel better about buying things?"
- a really important question

Mar 02 2012
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TED curator Chris Anderson on how web video powers global innovation through “crowd-accelerated learning.”

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Feb 29 2012


Google Street View in the Great Barrier Reef

Feb 29 2012
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Concerned for Conservation: An open letter to Tumblr




Dear Tumblr,

We are writing to ask you to consider adding a ‘Conservation’ or ‘Environment’ featured tag. 

We’re not outright asking. We know that featured tags are those that have a certain amount of traffic, but please consider the following:

1. The field of conservation is wide-ranging. As a result related content is tagged under a mix of terms. Combining the traffic for the following (and related) tags could amount to enough traffic for a featured tag. Like Science, with it’s different fields, combined under one umbrella term.

- Conservation

- Environment

- Sustainability (already featured in your directory)

- Eco-friendly

- Nature

- Climate Change

- Global Warming

- Wildlife Trade

- Recycling

- Renewable energy

- Endangered Species

Followers, please feel free to add to this list any tags that may have missed out.

2. It’s the right thing to do. Conservation issues are as pertinent to modern society as Science, Politics, Film, Fashion…….even Nail Art which has it’s own featured tag. 

3. Tumblr is opening up as a platform for high profile conservation organizations, much as Facebook and Twitter are now the most used platforms for sharing conservation news. 


- ARKive

- National Resources Defence Council

- Mother Nature Network

- Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoot programme

- Scubazoo

- Greenpeace USA

[Edit] Forgot Earth Hour. How silly!

Social media is a powerful tool in conservation, and can make a difference in the “real world”. We’d hate to see Tumblr left out of the excitement. Especially with it’s viral powers. 

4. Tumblr has been an essential part of publicizing social and political changes in several countries during protests and revolutions last year. The content that would be featured in this tag involve changes that affect us globally, and deserve a share of the spotlight.

We hope you will consider looking at the combined content of the above tags to see if they merit a featured tag. 

As there is no central email to contact Tumblr on, please reblog and spread the word if you agree!

I totally agree and have suggested this to tumblr staff as well. In its absence, I’ve often felt a responsibility to post environmental and conservation issues in the science tag - cause, without its own category, where else would it go? And while I think it does OK there, I think “environment” is broad enough and important enough a topic to deserve its own category.

I mean, it’s gotta be at least as worthy as Robots. (And I do love me some robots!)

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Feb 24 2012

Feb 15 2012


When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.
Mark Twain

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